At Ironclad Metal Effects, we use a revolutionary cold metal-coating technology to turn ordinary objects into works of art. We can seamlessly apply metal directly onto almost any substance, from wood to plastic to foam. This process gives our projects the appearance of being a solid cast metal object without the expense, weight, and inconvenience of traditional methods. The system involves spraying a mixture of metal granules, (actual ground bronze, ground copper, etc.) a clear resin, and a catalyst onto the prepared surface. Once cured the surface resin is removed and the piece is then ready to finish using traditional metalworking methods such as sanding, buffing, polishing. A variety of patinas can also be used to accent, antique and color to the desired finish.

Use Ironclad Metals for:

  • Cabinetry 

  • Countertops

  • Doors

  • Statues & Artwork

  • Molding

  • Furniture

  • Fireplace mantles & surrounds

  • Range hoods

  • Signage

  • Tiles & Accents  

Ironclad uses a variety of textures, patinas and polishing techniques to create unique projects that you will enjoy for years to come. We can metal coat your material or custom build substrates to match your specifications. Call today and let us help make your vision a reality.

Ironclad Metals Inc        12435 Mead Way     Littleton, CO    80125      303-519-5242

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