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Work Sheet

Shipping Instructions: Please use a a box large enough to accomodate your skull using a large amount of bubble wrap paying particular attention to the nose area. Place cut hose or cardboard over antler tines to prevent them from poking through the box. Include this form in the package and call or email me before shipping so I know it's coming. UPS or FedEx is preferred. I will notify you once I receive it. When your items are ready to be returned in approx. 8-10 weeks you will receive an invoice with return shipping costs via email that you can use to make payment online.








Skull Type




Metal coating prices are for work performed on a 100% clean skull. There will be additional charges for skulls that require any cleaning or degreasing.


Any balance due must be paid in full before delivery/pick up of completed work. Customer agrees to pay the balance due and take delivery within 30 days after notification of completion. Work not picked up within 90 days of notification of completion, along with monies paid, is forfeited. Crating, shipping, and repairs are extra.